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IL FENICIO© personal digital shopper is a project based on the exploitation of billboards and their potential.

The main advantage of “Il Fenicio” is to establish one-to-one communication with all customers passing near a shop, whether they travel by car, bus, or on foot.
You can also send messages by filtering on certain categories of users (filter by age, sex, shopping preferences, etc.).
Real feedback
Communications that can be exchanged with “Il Fenicio” are always “real”. All customers who “really” pass in front of a store are intercepted.
So do not virtual users of social networks.
Messages sent with “Il Fenicio” can reach customers even when they are away from a store. Or they can attract their attention when they are a few meters away. Or again, inside the store, just as they cross the threshold or when they are in front of a certain product.
In addition to marketing, “Il Fenicio” can be used for museums, exhibitions, and natural parks. In fact, you can send detailed cultural messages when visitors are close to a point of interest (a monument, a work of art, etc.).

Increase your revenue of € 90,000.

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IL FENICIO© personal digital shopper is a project, which comes from the fusion of sinergies between Carlo Parodo and Davide Baraldi, respectively an application developer and a graphic and art director, based on the exploitation of billboards and their potential.
The billboard is nothing other than a sensor that communicates with your App, from 1 up to a 80 m distance: anyone passing by, close (or at a programmable distance) to your store, shop window or shelves, will receive a commercial spot with all the offers and presentation of your business.
IL FENICIO© will allow you to reach a wide audience, giving visibility to your business without changing the way you work, and without make you spend further time.
IL FENICIO© is an App designed to make you grow your business, in a few seconds, by finding many new customers in a new and innovative way and with a simple click.



“Il Fenicio” uses small sensors that do not need installation or maintenance.
Sensors can communicate with smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 4.0.
The “Il Fenicio” app communicates directly with each sensor.
It’s a communication channel between our system and the users.
Smartphones and tablets that travel within a radius of about 100 meters from the sensors are detected.
For each sensor, the “Il Fenicio” app decides what action to take.
You can then start a text message or play a video or view a multimedia card of a cultural content (such as a monument, a museum, etc.).
Real time
Reach your customers in real time, at the right time, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Optimize your timing!
Specific Place
Interact with your customers in the place of their possible purchase. Send ‘information when they are in front of your product or near it!
Custom content
Send exclusive content of any kind by checking the experience of your customers’ use. Images, videos, coupons, social media and much more.
By installing the sensors near shelves, windows and products, it is possible to send information and multimedia contents to the customer concerning news, offers and coupons, stimulating their interaction.
By installing sensors near works of art, dioramas, historical objects, you can create an interactive tour of museums, accompanying visitors on a guided tour.
Accessibility is one of the main features of our service. “Il Fenicio” transforms a resource or an environment so that it can be easily accessed by any type of user.
With “Il Fenicio” you can send promotional content (text, images, video, etc.) targeted at all customers that pass near a sensor.

You can send commercial messages when a customer passes near a store. Or when approaching a certain product, inside a store.

In addition, you can have important marketing information about customer behavior (how long have they been in front of a showcase, in front of a product, what kind of reaction they had when they received a message, etc.).

If you are a sponsor.

Are you a Sponsor that wants to increase its visibility?
Simple! With Il Fenicio you will have the ability to send everyone a personalized message with your image.
Let's cut to the chase!
Imagine, for example, an event at theatre with a famous star or a violin concert, where people in the audience receive a welcome message from the theater with a promotional message from your activity (bank, insurance, fashion brands, bar and restaurants, sports etc).

and it does not end here!


If you want to increase your visibility, install our sensors for marketing in your location, as historic city center, malls, supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants.


You can expand your visibility with a few simple steps, Il Fenicio will be happy to help you in the communication strategy of your great business whatever it is.



  • Business

    Daily cost
    From 1€
    With Il Fenicio you can send promotional content
    • minimum 20 sensors
    • 1 text message per day
    • Control Panel
  • Unlimited

    Cost per store
    Private negotiation
    With Il Fenicio you can send promotional content
    • minimum 80 sensors
    • 1 text message per day
    • Control Panel
    • landing page per store

Increase your sales of 90,000€

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"Il Fenicio" uses a technology that does not need installation or maintenance and can communicate h24 with all smartphones.
The "Il Fenicio" app communicates directly with all affiliated stores. It thus becomes a channel of communication between our system and users. All smartphones that travel within a maximum radius of 400 meters from affiliated stores are detected.